February 28, 2020 3:15 pm

Looking to make a killer first impression?

Modular marketing suites and sales offices can be just as eye-catching and impressive as traditional, permanent office spaces but at a fraction of the cost, hassle and time. This means you can create a killer first impression to potential customers alongside a much quicker, and potentially healthier, return on investment.

What are modular marketing suites and sales offices?

Modular marketing suites and sales offices are temporary buildings that are designed to be as durable, functional and comfortable as permanent buildings. Their modular construction is precision-engineered off-site in a controlled factory setting. The individual components are then transported to site and assembled.
The modular construction does not restrict design options. Structures can be engineered to different levels of strength and durability – meeting regional and often site-specific snow and wind loadings.

The standard ‘off-the-shelf’ ranges offer numerous designs, configurations and sizes to choose from. Then there are customised designs which can create pretty much what you want.

Why should I choose a modular suite?

Modular buildings offer several advantages over permanent buildings: they can be used long term whilst providing increased flexibility and adaptability. Installation times are much shorter, allowing you to start selling more quickly. They represent a much more versatile solution since:

  • Manufacturing takes place off-site, meaning smaller installation teams and less equipment required on-site, saving time and cost.
  • Multiple sizes and specifications are available, enabling you to create the ideal impression for your unique business and location.
  • Structures can be easily relocated and re-purposed, meaning heavy investment in multiple buildings at different locations can be avoided.
  • Buildings can be easily reconfigured to suit your changing requirements allowing reuse and lower investment for future projects.
  • They offer an excellent return on investment as your new marketing suite or sales office can be installed quickly and affordably.
They are also far more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts.
  • They can be reused and are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Tightly controlled manufacturing processes reduce waste, creating a much more sustainable product.
  • Easy installation and lightweight properties reduce the high transportation and installation costs associated with a permanent structure.
Designed to create maximum impact

Since first impressions matter, it’s important to attract clients with a striking design. Modular marketing suites can certainly provide the ‘wow’ factor; they are available in a range of designs with innovative styling options. The variety of options is extensive, both internally and externally. This includes multiple levels, quickly doubling space on small plots or allowing the creation of separate zones or building configurations. All options are available with high-level fixtures and fittings. The range of colours, façades and walling systems allows unbeatable branding and promotional opportunities.

Designed to create an inviting, light and airy internal environment, they can be more appealing and visually striking than you may imagine. Standard and customised designs are available, with designs being tailored to suit individual branding requirements.

Modular marketing suites seen on housing developments illustrate perfectly how attention-grabbing the branding solutions can be, as well as how adaptable they are.
HTS tentiQ designed and manufactured a luxury 2 storey sales office for a client which featured a replica of one of the luxury residential apartments on the first floor. This luxury 2-storey sales office on Miami Beach shows just how exciting and visionary demountable buildings can be.

How durable can a modular building be?

HTS tentiQ modular marketing suites and sales offices may be used as a long-term alternative to permanent structures as they are engineered to individual site specifications, such as wind and snow loads and local regulatory procedures.

So, whether you have a site affected by high winds, such as coastal areas, or by high altitude and extreme temperatures, the temporary building will be designed and manufactured to meet the location’s requirements. HTS tentiQ has even built structures in an earthquake zone!

Frames are manufactured from a combination of high-grade anodised aluminium and corrosive resistant galvanized steel to ensure they are built to last. Every component is built to meet local building codes and to withstand any climate.

What can I use them for?

Modular office buildings can be used for a broad range of business spaces. They provide the perfect solution for a full range of customer-facing applications such as:

  • Marketing suites
  • Sales offices
  • Showrooms
  • Catering buildings
  • Entertainment areas
  • Ticket offices … plus much more.

To give an idea of how versatile modular spaces are, HTS tentiQ designed and manufactured a modular sales office for a construction company. The client opted for an eye-catching temporary solution as it provided an economical and speedy solution, enabling them to expand their business in just 4 weeks.

In short, a modular marketing suite or sales office offers an attractive and cost-effective way of expanding your business much more quickly than a traditional building to give you a higher return on investment.