Condit Exhibits choose HTS to be its partner as the temporary structures manufacturer in its bid for the America’s cup contract, as they wanted to provide the event with the unique HTS-USA Manhattan structures which would meet all the client’s specifications requirements.

The client requested that HTS simply supply structures that are as beautiful and as intelligently designed and engineered as the vessels that it’s there to honour.

The history and prestige associated with the America’s Cup meant that HTS needed to design and build semi-permanent environments that didn’t feel temporary.

A second building was required to sit alongside the Club 72 Venue (supplied by HTS see Club 72 Venue Case Study) this was to be the Oracle Team USA Innovation lounge.


HTS provided a second building, for the Oracle Team USA Innovation lounge which was a Manhattan 2 storey 15.00m x 20.00m space with a 10.00m x 15.00m viewing balcony.  This structure features the HTS Avantgarde style windows, doors and hard wall, drop ceilings, hardwired electrical and HVAC. The lounge also included an additional 6.00m x 12.00m support structure used for Oracle staff operations.

The project construction began in mid-May and was completed as per the project schedule to coincide with the beginning of the event on July 4th.

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