The Oran Es Sénia airport in Algeria needed a new terminal to create additional passenger handling capacity for an anticipated oil and gas industry summit meeting.

The success of the summit would be based on a number of various factors – with the extra capacity at the airport being one of them. This is why the choice of company for the realisation of this project was such an important decision.


The airport decided to award the project to HTS:  they trusted that them to provide the levels of product and service quality necessary to deliver the right building, at the right time, and for the right price.  And that is exactly what HTS did.
They delivered a customised construction, with a width of 50.00m, a length of 100.00m and an eave height of 5.00m, topped off with a single-layer roof with multiple peaks, giving the building an impressive and contemporary appearance. Glass panels were used on the side of the building, while 4 connected pagodas were supplied to provide an attractive, covered entrance.

The brand new airport terminal was able to create the comfortable atmosphere needed for the additional passengers.
The airport are now using the building as a permanent terminal for regular passengers.

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