A reputable private equestrian center in Batavia, Illinois were looking to renew all their riding, stabling and office facilities. They required 6 buildings – 3 stable blocks, 1 office area and 2 riding facilities – and were looking to use a temporary structure for just one of these and invest in permanent infrastructure for the rest.

The client had already seen HTS structures in Canada so got in touch regarding the 1 temporary structure they were considering. Once HTS had a full understanding of the project and discussed it with the technical design team at the German production HQ, the client was quickly reassured that HTS could facilitate the whole project with 6 structures custom built for the site, project and permanent use.


The final buildings designed, manufactured and installed were:

  • 1 x LX-SERIES riding arena 40.00m wide x 60.00m long x 5.20m wall height with a PVC thermo insulated roof and 80mm insulated sandwich wall panels.
  • 1 x RÖDER GZ Double Decker office building 5.00m wide x 15.00m long x 4.00m wall height with 60/100mm insulated sandwich roof panels and 80mm insulated sandwich wall panels.
  • 3 x LX-SERIES stable blocks 12.00m wide x 27.00m long x 3.00m wall height with 60/100mm insulated sandwich roof panels and 80mm insulated sandwich wall panels.
  • 1 x LX-SERIES Dodecagonal riding area 21.00m width with a Single Layer PVC Opaque roof and 80mm insulated sandwich wall panels.
  • Enquiry to project completion and handover – 10 months

HTS were able to capitalize on their extensive design and manufacturing capabilities by developing customized structures with site specific snow and wind loads, ensuring strength, safety and durability.

The client was able to have a brand new, purpose built, permanent equestrian facility fully operational and ready for use much quicker and cheaper than if they had chosen to use permanent buildings.

Using HTS structures also means they have the option of dismantle and relocation if required in the future; a factor that does not detract from the permanence or safety of the buildings but did help them secure building permits.

With horse riding such a popular pastime in the USA and the excellent reputation already enjoyed by the stables, there is likely to be future expansion programs. Given the success of this particular project, including the excellent engineering quality and faultless shipping of materials which particularly impressed the client, HTS will be the first and only supplier on their list.

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