This World leading Equestrian Centre, had been hiring marquees for several years, however, they decided the time had come to make an investment and purchase their own. They were looking for something a bit different, after approaching several leading manufacturers they decided to place their order with HTS tentiq due to the proven high quality of the products and the vast range available that would compliment their world renowned image and facilities.


The client wanted something a bit different for its retail outlets, that offered them total flexibility to be either individual outlets or linked together to create a large uninterrupted covered space – during specific times of the year. HTS tentiq proposed the eight – 10.00m x 10.00m hexagonal shaped tents all supplied with an integrated cassette floor system, internal liners, solid glass walling and large double door units.

Thanks to the modular design of these structures the client is able relocate these unique retail outlets to any location within their equestrian centre or link them together to create one large area of uninterrupted covered space.

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