HTS recently completed a very special Grand Stand Structure for a World renowned Show Horse and Jumping Facility. The project had to meet extremely precise and challenging criteria. A 500ft long x 40ft wide and 30ft high structure had to be designed to meet high wind and snow loads of the Canadian Rockies.


The structure’s design and engineering met permanent building code allowing the customer to leave the structure up as a permanent shelter with a 20 year + projected life span. Site restrictions were a hurdle that HTS is proud to say that we were able to overcome.

The build of the temporary structure had to be started and completed in a small window between two major international Horse show events. The structure had to be erected over the existing grandstand seating with a 15’ below grade working area on the backside of the site and limited access on the front side as the turf on the riding area could not be exposed to any damage from equipment. The design and fabrication team in Germany worked tirelessly to achieve all the desired aesthetics of the customer and the surroundings.

The design had to allow for a closed back side and a completely open 500’ front side with an angle built into the structure in order to follow the shape of the riding arena. Exceptional engineering and design work went into creating a structure that met the building code wind load while having the front side on 8m bay spacing to reduce viewing obstructions. Avantegarde glass walls were used on each end with HTS double glass door throughout.  The front side signage was incorporated into the front side valance and brackets for hanging lights, a PA systems and other equipment have all been supplied by HTS.

The customer is ecstatic with the execution of this project and with the structure being made using a HTS system it can be easily modified to create a second floor, mezzanine, interior partitions which all can be added to create hospitality space.

The customer is already looking to HTS for additional structures to further enhance their world class property.

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