The customer was EventMore, an Events Company who required a large tent structure for the Locarno annual Film Festival.  The client offers full service event management to their clients in order to meet expectations. They plan and create a vast array of events from fashion shows and festivals to weddings and conferences, ensuring to make each event a dazzling and memorable occasion.

EventMore required a spectacular structure that they could re-use for all range of events. For this case in particular, they wanted an eye-catching structure for the Locarno Festival 2017 in Switzerland to be set up in the Piazza Grande as an elegant VIP lounge. The intention is for them to re-use the structures for different upcoming events which not only means their events will be more recognisable, but also ensure great value for money.


For the main hub of the event HTS tentiQ provided them with a HTS (GZ) Large Tent structure which was 15.00m in width and 15.00m in length.  They bought an additional 6.00m x 6.00m Pagoda Hamburg as an extension which looked great on the side of the main structure and added more capacity overall, which is essential for a popular event.

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