A popular wedding venue in one of Kiama’s best known landmarks on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, combines both a rural setting and breath-taking ocean views. With a strong reputation and a venue in high demand two event structures were needed to facilitate their requirements. This accommodated the variance in size of wedding parties while offering flexibility in the positioning to maximise the spectacular scenery.


Two HÖCKER P-SERIES large event marquees were chosen, measuring 6.00m wide and 24.00m in length and 9.00m wide and 6.00m in length. Pressure tension roof system was used along with full clear side lace walls which amplified the panoramic views surrounding the venue.

The marquees could be used separately but it was most advantageous for the venue to interlock them together creating more space and a bigger venue. Another benefit with the HÖCKER P-SERIES event structures is that as a modular building they can keep adding and interlocking the structures together.

Now the venue has the additional space in a place they can accommodate the high demand for wedding parties and other events.

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