We were instructed by a leading country‘s armed forces to design and manufacture a fully deployable military camp for 500 soldiers. The facility needed to be fully equipped and able to be deployed for use in areas with server weather conditions.


This specific camp consists of 40 inflatable tents, which are designed to house soldiers on deployment in self contained units. All shelters are fully insulated and supplied with integrated heating, air conditioning and a lighting system. In addition to the accommodation shelters we supplied a fully equipped kitchen, sanitary and laundry facilities. The camp also includes a fully functional infirmary for first aid complete with an incinerator.

The complete camp system is contained with 40 – 20ft ISO containers and is built to withstand all climatic conditions encountered around the World.

The camp system consists of: –
40 – 6.00m x 10.00m Inflatable Shelter Tents, with a ridged aluminum outer frame, inner insulted lining and an integrated cassette floor system.
1 – 12.00m x 30.00m Dining Tent – with a wood floor on a steel/aluminum sub frame construction.

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