T2000 Allestimenti, a previous event and exhibition customer based in Italy asked HTS tentiQ to provide a high-end, impressive flat roof event structure for a promotional event their client was hosting.

The client was a sailing clothing company and needed a structure that would provide a ‘wow’ factor to their customers as well as a stunning display area for their products.


As the event was all about raising brand awareness for the clothing products and the company, it was inevitable that the structure itself needed to become the focal talking point as the design of the building would also reflect the brand. HTS tentiQ provided one of their Manhattan structures 15.00m wide by 5.00m long and with a 3.50m side height.

This particular design from the HTS GZ Range, features a rectangular shaped premium event structure designed with a flat roof, which is very popular for promotional and hospitality events that want to inspire and impress visitors. The addition of an Avantgarde glass walling system was chosen on this occasion to provide an extra level of luxury and ensure the clothing on display was visible from the outside and would attract instant attention.


HTS tentiQ’ customer was able to provide a stand-out structure that was visually striking, highly functional and able to reflect the brand image of their customer.

Being the first owner of a flat roof Manhattan event structure in Italy also means they have an advantage over all their competitors who are not able to offer such a unique and striking structure.

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