Do you need a new sports building or canopy cover for an outdoor sporting venue?

A sports building from HTS tentiQ provides easy, effective and contemporary cover for many field, court and other outdoor activities, allowing them to operate 12 months of the year and 24 hours a day if needed!

Choosing a sports building from HTS tentiQ has many advantages compared to a more traditional built structure.
Typical lead time is 6 weeks as opposed to 6 months +. Cost is much lower and fixed overall project budget can be guaranteed. Structures also ensure flexibility as they can be easily taken down, removed, re-sold, relocated, re-used or modified.

We can supply the following original German designed sport structures for sale today at factory direct prices.

  • Small sports buildings & canopies
  • Medium sports buildings & canopies
  • Large sports buildings & canopies

Why choose HTS tentiQ for your new sports canopy or building?


Choose from small, medium and large styles ranging from 10.00m to 40.00m widths. Canopies and complete buildings are often designed by customising one of our L-SERIES structures.


Standard designs feature a high curved roof and are easily customised to meet site, functionality and aesthetic requirements. The translucent roof membrane means minimal or no lighting is required during day time.


Fixed overall project costs can be guaranteed.


The family name Roder has been associated with the temporary structures industry since 1959 and has been at the fore-front of pioneering designs and innovation ever since. Drawing on this vast knowledge and experience e can offer as much or as little support as needed.


Off-the-shelf designs and fast installation methods allow for a typical lead time of 6 weeks as opposed to 6 months or more.


A full range of accessories can be added for extra functionality and comfort including air vents, roller shutter doors, insulated roof panels, temperature control, insulated walling, lighting and glass walls or roof panels.

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